Game News :

Blizzard launches Diablo upgrade(s)
      Blizzard launches yet another upgrade to Diablo which is automatically installed when a user logs on to

StarCraft awarded best strategy game of 1998
      Blizzard's another superb game StarCraft is awarded this title by Demo available from

Westwood launches Lands Of Lore 3
      Another sequel to powerful 3-CD role-playing game Lands Of Lore is now available on westwood studios.




Game Reviews :

      A strategy game by Blizzard with good details. This Red Alert style game has two campaigns: "Orcs" and "Humans" and lots of worth-playing scenarios. Involves weapons likes swords, axes, arrows, magic, etc. and units like Knights, wizards, dragons, giant birds, two-head monsters, etc. Demo (size: 2MB)
Also available is the expansion to it: "Beyond the Dark Portal", which has two other thrilling campaigns in a slightly different environment.
Related Topics:
       Warcraft(part 1): Orcs and Humans
Command & Conquer: Red Alert
      A strategy game by Westwood Studios with new technologies. This Warcraft style game includes much detailed play.




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